Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen 2: Apocalypse Approaches

The Adventure Continues


6/4/2013 – _Spring, Savannah, a little less than one year later_
Characters: Jordan – David Muad
Jonah – Rook
NPC – Zahir
NPC – Father Bennett
NPC – Jack Taylor

Morning: Zahir has been keeping in contact with Rook, they even saw each other in person at Zahir’s Christmas Party. Zahir approaches Rook through the dove telling her that he needs her. She meets with him and Jack Taylor at Dunkin Donuts. She reluctantly agrees to assist Zahir after he promises to leave her alone after this. She notices that Jack appears hung-over.

Afternoon/Evening: David arrives in town after following the guidance of God. He heads to the cathedral to pray to receive more guidance. Father Bennett meets him in the chapel and tells David that he must be the one he knew would be sent. Father Bennett leads David to Rook’s apartment. Rook isn’t willing to take any crap from this weirdo and opens her Sight on him immediately. She sees that he is some kind of vampire who feeds on sadism/malice. She rightfully pulls a gun and asks “WTF?!?” David, ignorant of his latent vampirism, starts to draw his massive sword at this, while insisting that he is no such unholy beast. After nearly coming to blows, Father Bennett asks if David has ever heard of Bleached Cross. David says he is a Bleached Cross and stalks away.

6/10/2013 – _Spring, Savannah, after David stalks away_

Evening: Father Bennett explains that he thought Bleached Cross was a myth, but he has heard that it is an order of holy vampires. He is unsure of how that works exactly, as he thought they weren’t real. Rook decides to head to a confessional in the church after reporting to Monoc to spy on David. Meanwhile, David stalks down the road and finds a butcher shop, Harold’s Amazing Meats. David then purchases a whole cow and punches it in the back. He savagely tears off a hunk and has the butcher in the back cook it up. He then heads to the church. Rook watches as David prays for guidance. Rook then quietly walks up behind David, and they have a conversation. Rook tells David that she doesn’t care whether or not he is a vampire, but a group could use his help. She tells David to meet at Zahir’s house tomorrow at ten, and leaves. David is POed that everyone keeps calling him a vampire, and decides to go to Zahir’s house. Kit answers that intercom and then hands it to Zahir. Zahir sounds incredulous that Rook sent him, but he and Kit go downstairs to greet him. Zahir immediately knows about the vampirism and sends David away.

Night: David returns to the church and has a heart-to-heart with Father Bennet. He comes to grips with his vampirism and sleeps at the church that night


Morning: Rook shows up early at Zahir’s to tell him about David. Zahir is not amused with Rook’s lapse of judgement. David shows up a few minutes later, he is introduced, and Zahir lays out the situation. Zahir can’t detect any unraveling, however, he has located the seals and the surrounding area is showing signs of unraveling. Disease around France and extreme famine in the west of India. He wants people at both locations and it is decided that Rook, Darius, and Kit will fly into Paris this evening to scope out the situation while Zahir, David, Shakira, and Jack will research a way through the never-never to both locations.

Afternoon-Evening-Night: Rook, Darius, and Kit prepare for their flight and board their private monoc plane. David heads back to the butcher shop and beats up his cow while Charlie prepares him another steak..


France- Morning: Rook, Darius, and Kit arrive and Darius shows Rook a note from Zahir telling them to travel to the Kingdom of Andorra. The drive takes a few hours. They find a hotel and decide to follow Rook’s wizard senses around until she senses a direction of disease. The news reports that the government is debating whether or not to quarantine the country.

Afternoon: The eventually head west and south to a national park. They hone in on a spot. Darius and Rook make preparations.

Savannah- Morning-Early Afternoon: David shows back up at Zahir’s and he informs them all that they are going to the library. At the library Zahir, Shakira, and Jack go off together but David decides to research by himself. He ineptly searches for anything never-never related. He only finds a series of fiction books, The Moscow Files, by Jim Meatcutter. He chases after this unlikely lead and calls the publisher and Jim himself. He only gets rejection. A while later Zahir and gang emerge and take David away to a place where Zahir opens a portal. Before entering, he warns everyone about touching things and accepting gifts.

Afternoon: They enter and start off on a long walk to France. They start in a sunny rocky valley, turn a corner and are confronted with a large deep blue ocean. There is a ferryman who is all black, tall, and paper thin. Zahir pays him with what appears to be real gold and they are off. They see a large tenacle off in the distance. They encounter sirens. They eventually get to the other side where it is heavily pine forested and overcast. It is also hilly. As they top a rise, a fierce clicking sound surprises them and a small demon blocks their way. They handily dispatch the demon and learn that he was Ronove. They step off the trail a while later and Zahir opens another portal.

07/10/2013 -_ Andorra, Evening, Stepping out of the Portal_

Evening/Night: Zahir, David, Shakira, and Jack exit the Never-never into a large pine forest. After walking a bit, Zahir pulls out his dove and contacts Darius and tells him to come pick them up. The sun is setting. Rook and gang rent another vehicle, and she and Darius drive to the specified location. Zahir inquires into the location of the seal and any suspicious going ons. The mention of the plague at the hotel across the street draws his attention. The group discusses whether or not David and Zahir can be diseased. It is determined that they probably can’t, and the group decided that they should know their enemy by agreeing to split up and investigate the death at the hotel. Rook and Darius are going to the morgue, while Zahir and David head to the hotel.

Rook & Darius: Darius drives to the morgue and they formulate a plan. Darius will distract while Rook sneaks in. Darius heads into the reception and starts screaming in Arabic. Rook uses this to get past a keypad in the initial reception and heads into a waiting area. She slobs some makeup on to make herself look sad. She is successful. A short while later a man rushes through and tells her just a minute. Darius’s yelling is halted soon after. Mr. Man comes back and establishes that Rook is here to identify a body. She is decontaminated and led into the autopsy room. She deceptively learns the name of the victim, Laurence Boudvouir. She also learns that the plague’s symptoms manifest by an abdominal rash on day one, which subsides on day two to a slight nausea, then reappears with a vengeance on day three with its friend leprous sores. She is decontaminated again and led out to sign for Laurence’s things. She declines by saying his wife will come get them later. In the car she learns that Darius was screaming compliments at the nice receptionist.

Zahir & David: Zahir uses his massive hands to snap a lock in a back entrance to the hotel. This leads to a kitchen where David picks up a butcher knife. They search the first floor and determine that the room in question would probably be marked off by police tape. They head to the second floor. They find nothing. They head to the third floor. One of the rooms’ doors is slightly open. They investigate and find a blood soaked grimoire in the tub. Zahir recognizes it as the Ars Goetia, Lesser Key of Solomon, and reveals that the Legion destroyed all of these. They burn the book. The search continues to the fourth floor where they find a police taped door. They force an entry and find a notepad with a lantern symbol stained with droplets of blood. There is pus and blood all over the place. They head back down to the lobby to check the room numbers with the log book. The blood and pus room belonged to Laurence Boudvouir. The grimoire room was empty, as was the whole hallway except for the room across the hall, which belong to Amara Sha… They go back up to investigate Amara’s room. They find an open window, a used condom, and some money. They head back to their hotel.

Late Night: Everyone returns and their discoveries are discussed. Room arrangements are made and everyone goes to sleep.


Morning: The group meets for breakfast and heads out to the seal soon after. At the park, the hike to the overlooking valley where they leave Rook and Kit. The rest of the gang gets in battle formation and heads to a large rock where the seal appears to be. As they near the rock, they notice a large active circle on the ground that they carefully step over. Zahir looks thoughtfully at the rock and lightly touches it. The circle is all of a sudden on the verge of collapse.

07/20/2013 – Rook, back at the treeline, hears a whump and turns to find Kit on the ground. After a quick fight with the sagittarius demon, Buer, Rook makes the demon tell her what is what. She and Kit then cautiously make their way down to the rest of the group. The rest of the gang is trapped within an unstable circle that has the power of twenty Rooks. After some deliberation, they decide to have Shakira open a portal and Zahir, with Rook assisting, will send the power through as it crashes down. They are successful. However, as the circle breaks, three demons are released: the mermaid, Vepar; the lion knight, Sabnock; and the bull lady, Haagenti. David gets fairly beaten up in the ensuing battle and Rook maliciously tortures Haagenti in order to offset some of David’s ailments.

The group realizes that they must get out of the area quickly. Back at the vehicles, Rook makes a call to Monoc. She is rerouted to Gard and is told that they sent that into the bad neighborhood of the wild fae. They will be receiving no help. Never-never travel seems unlikely at this point with mad mofos on the prowl. They consider sneaking across the border or stealing a plane, but they don’t want to risk any of that. David decides that praying would be a good way to get this problem solved and does just that. He gets the urge to draw and does just that. He draws a map of the mortal world and intersecting points in the never-never! What luck!

Early Afternoon: The gang uses this map to hop from point to point to eventually get to India. They arrive in Venice. Then they get to Russia. In Russia, David gives some Andorran money to a bum. Jack makes a comment, David retorts, then Rook says to “let the nice vampire pretend he has a soul.” This makes David very mad, but Jack roars with laughter. From Russia they enter an apparent desert in the never-never. Here they meet an Arabian wearing a ring with the lantern sigil on it. David and him have a nice chat. Finally they arrive in India. They immediately find lodging and get two hours of rest.

Early Evening: Upon awakening, they regroup. Zahir reveals that he did some research while everyone else slept. He discovered that famine makes people desperate and drives up prices! Gangs and corruption are sweeping the area! He also finds out that the wife of the governor of the province they are in is Amara Shabanna. He goes to bed after this and says that they will deal with it in the morning.

Night: Jack decides to hit the town and manages to drag Darius and Rook along with him. He successfully hooks up with two girls and rents a new hotel room. Darius casually mentions this to David.


07/24/2013 – Morning: The gang meets for breakfast at 8. Jack is lectured to by Zahir about his lack of judgement the previous night. David decides that he should lecture as well. Jack and David fight and Zahir tells both of them to leave each other alone. The gang procures some rental cars and they head out for a nearby national park where the seal seams to be.

Upon arrival at the park, they pay a large bribe to allow them further access. In the parking lot David investigates another car and sees a mysterious bag within. Using sound deductive skills, he proceeds to beat the car’s window with his fist until it breaks. The security guard receives more bribe money. The bag contains: a handgun, ammo for said gun, zip ties, a spool of copper wire, copper shavings, and a mysterious powder. The gang heads out into the park by foot, on the look out for traps. They avoid a trap! After a little while Rook comments that it is suspicious that this trail is leading them directly to the place where they need to be. Zahir agrees and they angle off into the tall grass.

Suddenly, Tiger Attack! A group of five famished tigers have banded together and are looking to eat people and/or nephilim and/or vampire tonight. The fight goes well for everyone except for Jack. Jack’s luck only affects the others well and he gets fates balancing act. After killing three tigers and the other two run off, Rook calls a medivac in. The groups cover is blown. With that in mind, a sad and demoralized gang head for the seal.

After coming over a rise, the group formulates a game plan. Darius and Kit will stealthily hide behind some trees, while Shakira, David, and Zahir will keep an eye open for attackers, while Rook bean bags some crooks.

Afternoon: The fight goes well enough. Their plan works well for the most part. A few of the cronies are augmented with demons. At one point the dragon demon Asmodeus shows up. David decides that because he has a sword he has to bring that sword to the flying dragon. Zahir throws David to the dragon. This goes about as well as expected as the dragon is brought down, but David breaks his leg in the process. After the fight Darius goes to help up the damsel in distress. Zahir goes to the rocks to put the seal back in place. As the lady approaches, David shouts out the she is a succubus. Everyone is all like, “Shut up David!” But he was right, and Darius is enthralled! The lady lashes out and it looks grim, but David manages to call upon a holy light to damage her. Zahir comes back in the nick of time and goes insane on the succubus. She crumbles under the might of one Zahir rage punch.

Good thing Rook had called for medical assistance. Before they show up though, Zahir does some incredibly voodoo magic on Kit as she was extremely injured. Her wounds now appear old. Just as he finishes, a bright and immensely holy light appears, and an armored figure appears. He speaks judgingly to Zahir in an unknown language and then departs. As he leaves Zahir cries out and says in a low voice that the seal that is unmoving has moved. The medivac touches down. Two scandinavian men, Sven and Ollie, hop out of the heli and rush over to help. Zahir stands off and stares into the distance as everyone helps load the injured. At the hospital, Rook is quickly called back to Monoc. Zahir informs David that everyone is leaving. Rook is chastised by Monoc and is told to be extra careful. David returns home


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