Zahir Salah

Nephilim trying to resurrect the Legion of Three and Seven

  • Holy Cloud Magic
  • Enhanced Strength and Toughness
  • Mental Library
  • Lesser Immortality
  • Mild Soulfire/Hellfire abilities in a pinch

Zahir is an easy going Nephilim with a nearly inexhaustible knowledge of the world. He is trying to resurrect the ancient Legion of Three and Seven for vague reasons. He loves butter biscuits from Cajun Burger, and is generally gentle despite his gigantic size.

He lost it in the final battle with Aaron Addar at the end of Four Horsemen 1: Waking War, and he still has yet to fully become himself. It was revealed that he used to go by Hakim and once aspired to some sort of godhood. Through the human half of himself, he was able to convince himself (over many many years) that that part of him was gone for good. It was reawakened, and one of his eyes is now a piercing silver while the other is a shimmering ebony.

Zahir Salah

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