Kinnat Alastriona

Celtic Warrioress from the Past

  • Fights with a retractable Spear, gift from Andarta
  • Has Ancient armor set, gift from Andarta
  • Some sort of minor healing ability
  • Expert in the wilderness

Kit, as she is called by nearly everyone, was a Celtic warrior more than 1,000 years ago. She was hidden in well in modern-day France by the Celtic god Anextiomarus, a protector god. She was told she would awaken soon after all of the Celtic’s pantheon power was gone. Immediately after awakening she was visited by Andarta, a war goddess. Andarta informed Kit of the end of the Celtic gods existence and that she would sleep for 50-100 more years. At this time Andarta gifted Kit with a special set of armor and enchanted her spear. She was found wandering by Zahir Salah and recruited into the Legion of Three and Seven.

She is quiet and fierce. She often looks as if she wants to bite someone.

Kinnat Alastriona

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