Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen: Waking War

The Story So Far

Seven Days to Summer Solstice

  • Zahir approaches Vince Scytale in a park after one of Vince’s mentalist shows. Invites him to supper at Cajun Burger at 6. Vince Happily agrees
  • Zafir Salah approaches “Rook” aka Nicole Bennett on the University of Georgia Savannah campus. Invites to supper at Cajun Burger at 6.
    Rook is tentative, she is small and Zahir is big, but she goes
    Rook had seen Zahir looking back and forth from some gold, ankh necklace to her. After a smile plays across his lips, he walks over to her.
    Rook scouts Cajun Burger before entering, searching for back exits, traps, and sniper nests. She finds nothing of interest.
  • Zahir is sitting with a fierce, red headed woman whom he introduces as Kinnat Alastriona, Kit. She is silent but looks as if she will bite you.
    Zahir likes butter biscuits. They are apparently the only reason to go to Cajun Burger.
    Zahir demonstrates his Nephilim by turning some food to dust and ash.
    Zahir explains that they were chosen to be part of “The Legion of Seven and Three”. An ancient organization devoted to hunting out evil and was preliminary to the White Council.
    Says he needs them to combat the breaking of the Seal of War.
    Rook declines, as she has other obligations, but says she will help.
    Vince readily agrees as he hasn’t had too much of a purpose
    Vince gives Vince a “Dove”. It is a dove shaped stone for communication
  • Rook goes home and squeals to Monoc Securities that she was approached
    They say they have only ever heard the name, but it pops up only every few hundred years, but it fits the description
  • Vince goes to his motel
    He turns the telly on and hears about rising gang violence.

Six Days until Solstice

  • Zahir calls up Vince and they go apprehend Rook as she leaves her waitress job.
    They attempt to get her to join, unsuccessful.
    Rook is thinking this is fishy, but receives a “Dove” and agrees to help
  • Boring day
    Vince watches the telly and hears about a man dying of Gangrene, weird.

Five Days Until Solstice

  • Zahir invites the two over to his apartment
    Rook packs heat
    Vince packs a pistol
  • His apartment is bursting with books, but a couch is found amid the mess. The lowdown is given.
    Seal moves. Has know it is around Savannah, but narrowed down to three places. A cemetery, a small forest North of town, and a national park about an hour south.
    Zahir suggests a split up, but Rook wants everyone together.
    They decide to tackle the cemetery this afternoon as Zahir is worried about being there after dark.
  • At the cemetery, Rook climbs a tree with her sniper rifle to scope the area.
    Vince, Zahir, and Kit head down a hill towards a cylindrical monument with columns and an interior.
    Zahir and Kit check for traps, Vince is unsure what to do.
    Rook sees a distortion of light speed toward the monument and takes a shot.
    The shot connects with creature’s wing
    The shot springs everyone else into action
    Kit runs for a tree outside
    Zahir prepares some kind of magic
    Vince is ready to shoot his pistol
    Zahir recognizes as Crocell
    Rook shoots again and Zahir fires off a silver lined ethereal looking chains and binds the demon
    Zahir interrogates the demon with limited success even after burning him with cloud magic
    Vince manages to super piss Crocell off
    Crocell escapes and speeds away, as fast as he can with a broken wing
  • The gang returns home with plans to meet at Zahir’s tomorrow for a trip North
    Vince manages to get a free night at Rook’s. They don’t get along super well, but they don’t hate each other

Four Days until Solstice

  • They go to Zahir’s and head to a forested park just 10-20 minutes outside of the city
    it was a Native American religious site
    Rook again gets in a sniping tree, while everyone else makes their way to the cave thing
    Kit seems very at ease in the forest
    Zahir and everyone searches, find nothing
  • Rook opens her sight and sees a green and rotting demon archer approaching to cave. The creature can feel the sight on himself
  • Zahir recognizes as Leraje
    Kit pulls of a godly shot and brings the creature to within an inch of its life
    Zahir again interrogates and Vince again pisses it off
    Vince gets a kill shot
  • Its too late to go south now, so they decide to go tomorrow

Three Days until Solstice

  • They regroup at Zahir’s in the morning.
    Rook calls in for backup, and receives Erica Asa as a valkyrie bodyguard
  • At the park they walk aways into the forest
    Rook is put up in another tree
    Zahir and Vince go one way
    Kit and Erica go the other
    Rook sees an after image of something with her sight on the tree next to her.
    Zahir and Vince find an old rowboat guarded by the demon Duke Agares, an old man riding a crocodile.
    Rook shoots that croc from her vantage point and Zahir finishes it off.
    Kit and Erica come running after they hear the shots.
    Zahir beckons to Rook to come down to them.
    They are going to the island about two football fields away.
  • At the island, after taking multiple trips, they find a stone with a partially burnt out circle around it.
    There is a man in robes at the last part not burnt out. Rook recognizes summoning circles and shoots to disrupt the last one.
    The man is furious as he watches a flying dog thing fly away from the broken circle.
    The man approaches the group with a pegasus knight and three-headed monstrosity following behind.
    The man, Aaron, convinces Vince to join his cause with talks of an oppression and a definition of good defined by the victors.
    Rook pulls a gun on Vince, but the pegasus knight gets in the way.
    The groups civilly decide to duel.
  • Aaron’s group sends Bune, the monstrosity; Eligos, the pegasus knight; and Aaron to fight while Vince and Crocell spectate/hide.
    Crocell is told to get Vince out of there if things go south for them, but only after Vince absorbs the souls.
  • Zahir’s group sends Zahir, Erica, and Kit to fight.
    Zahir conjures a screen that will hide Rook while she snipes the bad guys.
  • The combatants are put up against each other: Kit v. Bune, Erica v. Eligos, and Zahir v. Aaron.
    A magnificent fight commences!
    Shortly into it, Rook snipes off Eligos.
    All rules go out the window.
    During the harrowing battle, Aaron unleashes his inner demon, becoming Demon lord Aaron.
    After Demon Lord Aaron is defeated, and his mysterious soul lantern is crushed, Aaron’s power is seen racing toward a fleeing Crocell and Vince.
    They get away.
  • Rook calls in Monoc to get medical help, especially for Kit.
    Monoc comes and Rook still refuses to join the Legion.
    Erica departs
    Rook goes back to her apartment and collects a hair sample that Vince left.
    Rook attempts to report to Monoc but is met with no response.
  • Vince is transported through the Never-Never and comes out in Baghdad.
    He meets Aaron’s “brother” Afir


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